Danny Downhour

I enjoyed looking at the pictures of the stars, UFO’s and spaceship! They
looked so otherworldly and it seemed like Danny Downhour may have had
the most beautiful experience that anyone would envy.
I think that this experience will shape our reality in a different way! Not all of us
believe in aliens, and with this discovery, we will now remember the time
when stories like these invaded our screens only to be retold by Danny
Downhour ‘s experience.
What an amazing story! I think that because of the pictures Danny Downhour
had shared, we will witness something so surreal that there is no way to
invalidate his claims! Believing in it is the only way and then reading about it
becomes second. I have actually started to read about aliens, UFO’S and life
on Mars. A lot of scientist and space invaders have claimed that they do exist
and has shared their own experience about it too! There are some people who
had claimed that they were abducted by aliens. Psychologist call it sleep
paralysis, while some people argue that it truly does exist. This argument
becomes even more interesting as you go around their experience and
investigate their claims. So, the question lingers on my mind… Do aliens really
exist? Well, I am inviting people to witness Danny Downhour ‘s story and see
for themselves its reality. In my case, it paved doors to see another point of
the spectrum that I have never explored in my 38 years of existence. I believe
that this has helped me open up to other people’s reality and then see for
myself if this is indeed true! So, where do you stand? I believe that reading
about it would start the interest and then looking into the evidential pictures
will somehow help you know where you really stand. Some people might not
find this topic important, while the rest will do, but whatever it is you believe in,
it is always a good idea to be open and to realize the reality of others.