Danny Downhour

When I read his book, I had doubts that this would be something that will
change my mind about aliens and their existence! However, because of
Danny Downhour ‘s experience, I’m beginning to think that there is a
possibility that they truly exist after all! I began a research about this topic and
there has been chemist and astronomers who had visited Mars and other
space which validates the existence of these living beings! Without Danny
Downhour ‘s book, I would not have the interest to explore this topic and
realize its magnificence! Furthermore, I am fascinated by the pictures he had
shared to us! I think those were really great pictures that captured the truth
about his experience. I love how the stars showed such grandiosity and color.
They seemed to be celebrating in joy for Danny Downhour ‘s discovery of the
aliens! The pictures of the UFO, rippling thru the night sky was such a
beautiful picture too which captured the brightness of their presence. I also
love the multidimensional picture of Dino in the sky! Dino is the most
significant creature that Danny Downhour has met. He seemed to be the
friendliest and the most unique form that Danny Downhour had seen! He
called him Dino because he looks like a dinosaur, minus his size and stature.
😉 One thing I regretted from his experience was when he started to withdraw
his association from them. I think he had feared that they might take him to
their world and imagined the worst after that. But then, I imagine that if he did
it might have been something wonderful as well. We’ll never really know!
I learned so much from this book! I began to feel some fascination for aliens
and their reality. I am now learning that this might be true, and they might
even be living amongst us- without even realizing it! If so, then living on Earth
with that awareness would have been something really exciting! I can’t wait to
witness my very first alien connection! Thank you for sharing your story Danny
Downhour !