Danny Downhour

I admire Danny Downhour ‘s passion for star-gazing and reveling at the
beauty of the sky! I think this hobby is something that has become alien to us.
Not a lot of people have the fascination to truly stay connected to the beauty
of the night sky and then take the time to meditate on it and document it. It’s
good to see that still it exist up to this day and that Danny Downhour may
probably had spent so much time in peace when he looks at the sky. Ugh, I
can just imagine how good that feels. 🙂 Moreover, his experience with Aliens
is even more interesting. I believe that some people might find it strange and
will probably think that it’s just a product of his imagination, but then some
people who share his passion will probably validate his claims. To me, the
pictures he shared tells us a story! I believe that these Aliens had wanted to
communicate with Danny Downhour because he was sending out messages
to them about his interest. This link between him and the Aliens happened
because he initiated contact, and if his experience is not real then the pictures
would not have shown objects and forms that appeared to be a friendly
gesture to Danny Downhour . They would not have showed up at his home or
at his front window to let him know that they exist. They would not have sent
messages in the form of stars and moon and space ships if they weren’t real.
All these are evidences which tell us that they exist and all the rest of his
friends and family who had seen the pictures on his phone and those who had
witnessed them first off in the sky would be able to validate his experience
Truly one of the most interesting topics and great evidential value! I think that
anyone reading it will join in the bandwagon of witnessing the beauty of the
midnight sky, start falling in love with the stars and then finally realizing that
there is indeed life outside of planet Earth!