Danny Downhour

There’s magic everywhere! It exists in our homes, in nature and our minds.
This story which seemed so unreal, becomes a magical journey for Danny
Downhour in his book,. At first, I thought that this might a thesis about
Darwin’s Theory Of Evolution- well, because of the title, however, this is
actually a story of his experience with Aliens. How cool is that?
For me, Aliens, the space and the moon is a magical experience, and if you
will look into the pictures shared by Danny Downhour , you would feel the
same way too! Let me elaborate. In here, you will see the beauty of the stars
explode from the pictures! They were of different colors and there were specs
of gold that appeared to be in celebration for Danny Downhour ‘s discovery of
the Aliens. Second, there were some very unusual objects which took the
form of a spaceship; a moon which looked like a shooting star and other
shape of aliens which seemed like they sincerely wanted to connect with
Danny Downhour . Lastly, some of his neighbor’s reaction was that of joy from
looking at the pictures. I would say that it might be more credible if we saw the
pictures on camera instead of those that were printed out from the book! That
is why, I trust that his friends might have seen the realness of it all and were
convinced that these creatures had wanted to say hi to Danny Downhour and
had wanted him to know that they actually exist.
All of this might seem so surreal, however, it could also be that Danny
Downhour had believed in his experience so much that it had no other way
but to manifest. There is a supernatural belief that claims: “What we believe,
becomes our reality”! So, what do you believe in? Do you believe that Aliens
are real? If you do, explore this book and validate your belief, if you don’t,
there is no harm in reading it too! Enjoy!