Danny Downhour

Some people believe in God, some people don’t. Some people believe in
miracles and some people don’t. Some people believe in aliens and some
people don’t. Hmm… Where does one stand? In this book, Danny Downhour
his story about his experience with his friend Dino from space. Ain’t that cool?
Dino in the sky is one of the most interesting and fascinating true stories I have
ever read. I have never heard of anyone claiming the reality of life outside
planet Earth. Maybe there were some who had said that they saw something
strange while riding a plane, however their experience was not as explicit as
Danny Downhour ‘s.
Danny Downhour ‘s experience made me believe that the truth about life
outside Earth exists! Firstly, it was because of the evidence of the pictures.
Although a bit blurry, you will be able to make out the form of Mr. Dino. His
color is blue and his character seems to be like that of an adorable little boy
who wanted to invite Danny Downhour to play. He appeared twice in this
story (if I’m not mistaken) and then they took turns sharing their presence to
Danny Downhour as Ms. Pink Dino appeared for him right after. They were
both short and it looked like they were smiling to Danny Downhour . Second,
Danny Downhour was also able to capture a picture of their spaceship and
other objects that are unusual for anyone to see in the sky. Lastly, he was
also able to experience their presence in his home-twice in a row! Some
people would find this creepy and indeed one of his neighbors was scared
when he had shown her his pictures. I mean, who wouldn’t be? Some
pictures, if you are not passionate about asteroids, stars and comets, would
have appeared to be an invasion of aliens on Earth. His mom was skeptical,
although happy and then proud of him for having witnessed something so
profound. His friend Mark never doubted him in the first place, and had always
known that something like was bound to happen for his friend soon. His
brother was skeptical at first and was slowly becoming convinced that it might
be real.
I think it would be great if we could investigate life on the other side of the
world! I imagine that these creatures will have so many things to share with
us, and they might have amazing capabilities that can enhance the life of
humans! Without this book, I would not have entertained the possibility that
aliens exist, but it seemed like they do, and if we are open to this idea, we
might witness a new earth that would change our lives- hopefully for the