Danny Downhour

There are 3 reactions that I would expect from the readers. I am expecting
them to be in awe of the beautiful pictures shared by Danny Downhour .
Second, I think some might feel scared, and then lastly, some of them might
not be sold to the idea entirely.
Well, I was definitely scared! However, I also felt some joy for his experience.
I think that not everyone are given the chance to look into the beauty of their
planet, their form and their friendship. What joy would it be if it was something
offered to you because they think that you are someone who is capable of
appreciating such majesty and connection? I would be honored! I believe that
Danny Downhour feels this way too and that is why he shared his story to us.
Anyone reading this book will fall in love with the lovely pictures! These
pictures are heavenly! They look like explosion of stars sparkling in stardust
with magnificent colors. Some pictures appeared to be shapes of UFO’s and
Aliens who wanted to say hi to Danny Downhour . Another form was like a
bright moon that wanted Danny Downhour to know that they appreciate his
I believe anyone who will read it will have different opinions about its validity. I
don’t think it matters anyway! Each of our experience is unique to us! Some
might also have the same experience with Danny Downhour and they might
also have interesting stories to share. A lot will be skeptical and some might
not take this book seriously. Moreover, I believe that even if the story about
aliens and UFO’s might not be the most popular topic these days, it’s still a
great idea to look into other people’s experience and then figure out its truth in