Danny Downhour

Three things that came into my thoughts when I read this book! Could this be
just the author’s imagination? How could this be real? And, is it possible for
me to experience this too?
Well, in this story you will be amazed by the author’s experience, the beautiful
pictures of the UFO’s, the stars, their spaceships and the reaction of Danny
Downhour ‘s friends and family about his connection with the UFO’s.
At first I thought that it might have been Danny Downhour ‘s imagination!
However, the pictures told me something else. They seemed to be making out
a form according to Danny Downhour ‘s description. They were trying to
connect with him and they wanted to tell him something about their life based
on the forms and objects they showed him. There were colorful asteroids that
looked like a burst of blue stars shining from the sky; a cool shape of a
spaceships and then some other shapes that looked like UFO’s or Aliens.
Having seen one of them peering out his window and then appearing inside
his home was something else! I’m not surprised that Danny Downhour felt it
was time to disconnect from this experience for fear that they might come out
and invite him to join them, and never return. Damn! What might have
happened? Well, 2 things. I believe that it is impossible for any human to live
outside the Earth without the proper gears to travel out of space, so that would
mean, Danny Downhour might die. However, if UFO’s are powerful and they
have the ability to turn life in space possible for human beings to survive, it
could have been that Danny Downhour might have lived and enjoyed
spending time with them. Oh, the possibilities are endless! Furthermore, when
his friends and family knew about it, I was blown away by their reactions!
Some saw humor in it, one was scared and his cousin was slightly skeptical.
Well, if I had seen these pictures on camera I might have felt scared at first
and then feel happy for his experience. It’s not every day that people are
blessed to witness another life that exists outside of us. Danny Downhour
might have been given this gift to connect with them because of his passion
for astrophile. They say, what we believe in shapes our reality. So, this might
have been real because Danny Downhour believed it so! 😉
Moreover, it would be best if you read this book! It’s always good to feel and
hear about other people’s experience. We all learn from each other!
Witness the story of Danny Downhour and feel the magic!