Danny Downhour

Do you believe in aliens? Have you read about alien invasion? Do you have
any interest about this topic at all? If you answered yes to all 3 questions then
you ought to read about Danny Downhour’s book: Dino in the sky!
This story is very interesting! I like knowing that his interest started out as a
hobby for his love in astronomy which then grew to become a relationship with
the aliens! Of course this was something that Danny Downhour did not
expect, however as time went by, he began to explore some aspects of his
interest which now involved the association and exposure to the life of the
aliens. There was a time when he began to fear for his safety. He realized that
seeing them constantly and then having them show up at his home was a
point where he needed to re think about his connection with them. Alien
abduction is one of the things that he got concerned of. This was the only
reason why he started disconnecting from them. It’s good that he had thought
about this soon enough before things might be out of control! It is definitely
scary to live away from home and become abducted by creatures whom we
are not designed to handle and associate with long term. It got me thinking
that if aliens really do exist as what scientist and astronauts claim, then we
should be given more information about it. It appears to me that at this time,
we no longer have interest talking about aliens, constellations and the stars.
What could have made this most interesting topic in science become dull and
something people do not discuss anymore? Is this something that most of us
do not feel the need to speak about and share to others? I think it’s high time
to begin educating ourselves about aliens, their existence and if they really
are roaming the Earth with humans. That’s something which I think we should
be mindful of.