Danny Downhour

What an awesome and unique experience! This book tells us about the
author’s experience with UFO’s, his passion for the beauty of the stars, and
the sky!
I can’t begin to explain how I felt about his story when I saw the pictures! It
appeared to me that they came out from the explosion of stars first and then
they revealed their presence to Danny Downhour because they thought that
he had wanted to make friends with them. They continued to expose Danny
Downhour about their life in the sky by appearing in different colors and
shapes. Sometimes it would seem like they were sharing steroidal objects,
different colors of the stars, and sometimes their spaceship. It might have
been their own way of doing “Show and Tell” for Danny Downhour . At some
point they had revealed their faces and forms to him too! They looked like
small dinosaurs in pink and blue colors. It seemed to me that they had wanted
to play and that they were also curious of what’s going on in our planet. I wish
that Danny Downhour had continued his friendship with them. Who knows
what might come out of it? 😉
Moreover, I believe that Danny Downhour ‘s fascination about the stars and
the beauty of the sky might have taken him to this level of awareness that is
only going to be unique for him. In as much as we would want to see this too, I
think that we would need to be in that certain level of passion and interest that
Danny Downhour feels for the other world. It would be so nice to know what
is bound to happen for Danny Downhour if he continues to explore his
experience and be friends with these objects. It would definitely be one of the
most fascinating stories to read!