Danny Downhour

This story is one of the most interesting, unique and fascinating stories about
aliens that I never thought was real! I had seen movies about it, but its reality
never interest me, until I read about Danny Downhour’s book. His book has
opened my eyes and has made me realize that the existence of aliens has
always been something that other people believed to be true! When I started
to research, there has been several reports about alien abduction. Some
space invaders and astronomers who had travelled out in space proves this
concept to be true. So why is it that their popularity has never reached millions
of people for us not to stop talking about it? This question lingered in my head
for a time, and I am still trying to look into the answers for that.
Furthermore, the pictures that Danny Downhour had shared about the aliens,
their spaceship and the stars and constellations was something that really
fascinated me as well. I think that their life from that camera has now become
exposed. They did not hesitate to share that with Danny Downhour because I
believe that they had really wanted to make friends with him. At the same
time, there might have been something else about that interest since they had
begun to visit Danny Downhour at his home, which caused him to finally
terminate his association with them.
I believe that everyone will enjoy reading about Danny Downhour ‘s
experience with the aliens! Moreover, children would naturally find this story
fascinating and will enrich their curiosity. I think that they will be the best
audience for this book. I am seeing that that their natural flare for discovering
new things will be encouraged and developed. Younger adults would find this
to be a fun and interesting read as well! Go ahead and share this book with