Danny Downhour

Believing in the supernatural has always been one of the topics that intrigued
me and when I read about Danny Downhour’s book I realized how plausible it
can actually be. He had shared some pictures where he has captured some
forms of aliens in spaceship. He called this creature Dino, because he looks
like a dinosaur with blue colored body and a short stature who tried to make
friends with him. I also learned about what the “Morse Code” means. This is
something new to me and I never thought that reaching out to aliens is that
easy. All he needed to do was call them out and voice out his intentions of
seeing them, and then censoring the light from his phone toward where he
would usually see them at night. It worked, and right after that it was when
Danny Downhour ‘s life became so interesting!
Danny Downhour ‘s life was never the same again! He had witnessed so
many amazing forms and objects of constellations, UFO’S, spaceships and
many other beautiful stuff in the sky that had graced his camera with the
beauty that we had never seen before. I believe that his friendship with the
aliens was his connection to the life they had in space and they did not
hesitate to share that with him. They understood what he wanted to see and
might have also wanted something in exchange for it. The story turned
creepy, when one of them started to show up at his home twice, and Danny
Downhour began to worry about what that visit meant. Could it be that he
wanted to abduct him? Maybe so!
This story will share a light about the world of the aliens which we have not
been talking about for a long time. It’s good to open some new topics and
interest that has become dead over the years. It’s great to discuss this and
possibly investigate its reality, because if having aliens in our life on Earth will
be inevitable, then at least we would know what to expect and how to handle