Danny Downhour

Religious people associate the merging of life in Earth and space as
something that predicts the second coming of Jesus. Some people believe
that alien invasion happens all the time. Most scientist believes that aliens are
already associating with people, and we might not have been aware of it. Ha!
What an interesting concept! But what if you had an experience with aliens?
How would you have dealt with it?
The story of Danny Downhour had become as interesting for me as I write
this review. It dawned on me that his experience is actually something that
most people have already spoken about. However, this topic did not reach too
much popularity because it has always been proven to be false. Moreover,
Danny Downhour ‘s experience tells me that there is some truth to the life of
aliens in the outer space. His pictures are so realistic, and truthful about the
alien’s interest in creating a relationship with us. So, it got me thinking that
associating with them might reap some benefits with our human life on Earth.
Their form, their space craft and their life from another planet, tells us that
they might have something to offer that we don’t. Exploring this began to
interest me and made me look into people’s stories about aliens too.
I definitely learned a lot from this story and I have now slowly become
influenced by Danny Downhour ‘s passion aliens and the midnight sky! I think
that this topic has been laid dormant for a time. It’s great that somebody is
now sharing about it, so that we will begin to see how amazing it is to
experience something new and then begin explore that as well.