Danny Downhour

What is your idea about alien existence? Have you even thought about this
topic? Well, if you haven’t thought of it, now is the time to do so and read all
about Danny Downhour’s book: “Dino in the sky”.
I believe that his book opens our eyes to another reality that we might not
have been exposed to. His book will tell us about his association with aliens
and if we will choose to believe his experience to be real or not. Some of us
might already be skeptical about what he is sharing and why he began to
experience this interaction with them. Others might find this interesting, while
the rest of us will continue to explore this reality by researching and analysis.
So, where do you stand from these findings? Do you believe that aliens do
Furthermore, I found his pictures of the stars, UFO’s, and constellations to be
one of the most interesting pieces he had shared. I love seeing the shapes,
the colors and the objects which took the form of dinosaurs. He had seen
them several times from his experience and was amused at how endearing
and cute they looked. I felt sorry that he had eventually disconnected from this
experience, because I believe that there is more about them that we need to
learn. As Danny Downhour had said, he continues to be open about this
experience and even if he might not be actively seeking for them at the
moment, he wishes that there will be another time that they will come and
meet again.