Danny Downhour

When I read this book I was not sure what to expect. I had actually thought
that Danny Downhour was really going to talk about dinosaurs. However, I
was surprised that he actually wanted talk about aliens and his acquaintance
with Dino! That is why the title of this book is Dino in the sky.
Danny Downhour always had that passion for looking up at the sky, the moon
and the stars. I was surprised to know that such fascination still exists! Well, I
know that being in nature and feeling the cool weather and looking up in the
sky does soothe you and makes you feel so engulfed in love and presence.
Some call it God and some people might call it an association with the
supernatural. Moreover, as Danny Downhour continues to feed his hobby, he
did have some unique experience that might also be something of a
supernatural experience. He claims to have a connection with aliens. Dino is
one of the most significant forms he has shared on this book. He believes that
he was acknowledging his presence when he sent them a communication
from his phone which he termed as a “morse code”. Dino then smiled at him
and appeared to be looking down from his spaceship. Eventually these
instances of seeing extraterrestrial objects had become a norm and he
continues to photograph them and made them aware of his presence.
I think that this is a beautiful experience! I also believe that the photo’s he
took, were something that would validate his experience. I wish that I had
seen the photos on his phone, because the photos on this book might have
become a bit blurry from the transfer. Moreover, I see a lot of beauty and truth
from his pictures and I know that a lot of us will find his experience fascinating
and something we will wish we had experience in our life too! This one of a
kind connection with aliens doesn’t happen to anyone, and for Danny
Downhour to have been given that chance to connect with them, means that
he is a special person whom they can trust and be friends with.
Something anyone should read about. Enjoy!