Danny Downhour

Some ideas that are worth investigating about are the story of aliens. I have
always had this fascination of their existence and if Alien abduction, their life
on earth and their life in space is true. I have done some research about them,
including the lives of wonderful men and women who has travelled space and
has felt their presence. When I heard about Danny Downhour’s book
regarding his experience with aliens, I was blown away! Here comes a book
that will shares my interest about aliens and their existence! Such luck!
In the first few pages I have learned that Danny Downhour had the passion
for astronomy. This is something he enjoyed and would look at the sky as
much as he could muster! He then started seeing strange things and then
took some pictures of it. Since this has always been his interest he knew that
what he saw based from his past recollection of sightings, he knew that this
was unusual and he started to analyze the pictures as a possibility of an alien
existence. He started communicating with them and the rest was history!
Soon enough he took more pictures of them and shared these to his friends
and family. Some of them thought it was absurd, some found humor from the
pictures (possibly because of the odd shapes of the aliens), and some were
scared $hi@ about them. Well, I don’t blame them. Stories about alien
abduction has been reported, although it has not been proved to be real, but
the thought about leaving our life behind with creatures we don’t know
anything about is really scary. This was also the reason why Danny Downhour
decided to stop communicating with them, because he imagined the worst
when he started seeing them in his home and outside his front window.
I think that Danny Downhour ’s story and the pictures he shared will cause a
lot of people to panic, or they might question its validity. Some people might
think that Danny Downhour is probably someone whose imagination takes
him to different heights of awareness, and some might really believe that
aliens do exist. Well, whatever it is you think is true for you, this is still
something that every one of us should read. I think that learning about Danny
Downhour ‘s experience will enrich us and will make us see another side of
the alien story that we might not have explored in our life at all. Something
worth exposing our minds about! So, you have to check this out!