Danny Downhour

Life and its mystery! Have we truly explored all of life and its forms? Well,
Danny Downhour shares to us his experience about aliens and how this has
been one of the most fascinating experience of his life! I must agree! Such an
interesting story!
This is actually the first time for me to read about a man who has had
experience with aliens. I think that this might also be something new for
everyone! Learning about Danny Downhour ‘s experience opened my mind to
another subject that I have never even thought about. I remember the story of
ET when I was a child, and I was not under the impression that they were real!
I knew for a fact that these were just stories to entertain us and had not
thought about it until now. But then, when I saw Danny Downhour ‘s pictures, I
was blown away! I then realize that the possibility of their existence. I might
not be fully drawn its concept but it had made me more aware of this topic and
has evoked a certain interest about it. Going back to the pictures, I think that
this was the highlight of his book! It is not a surprise that astronomy is always
going to fascinate anyone, and having seen the pictures of the stars, UFO’s
and constellations made me even more fascinated of its beauty and grandeur!
They are a work of art! Furthermore, his claims about seeing aliens in his
home and outside his home, which I have done some research about, might
be something which psychologist believes to be sleep paralysis. However,
giving it some benefit of the doubt, it could have been real too and that this
experience might have started to really cause him worry which was why he
had stopped associating with them right after that.
I believe that there is still a lot to discover in our world and as the planet
evolve so does our experiences. If we remain open and aware, we realize that
there are other things that exist apart from what we have been taught.
Keeping an open mind about Aliens and their existence is something that I
have learned from this book. It would be great for others to look into the
details of this book too and see for themselves.