Danny Downhour

This story is interesting, it’s one of a kind and something that will make you
question your own reality too!
I have always believed in supernatural beings! I consider myself an empath
and highly intuitive! I believe that people who lean towards the right side of the
brain are more creative and imaginative! They love nature, music and poetry.
Our imagination is our strongest asset and we are capable of predicting the
future of life and what is bound to happen because of a heightened sensory
experience. I see these traits manifested on Danny Downhour and his love
for astronomy. His feelings about the reality of aliens were captured beautifully
from his pictures and his interpretation about the forms and structure of the
aliens seems to be coming from how his brain would interpret its reality! If you
lean towards logic, you would think that Danny Downhour is talking a lot of
bull here, but in reality he is looking at it based on how his brain associates
with the objects and his experience. Moreover, I believe that there are some
truths to his claims. The pictures tells us so much about it! Before he had
taken these pictures, he had sent a morse code to them and had invited them
to say hi. When he had done that, they soon responded and took shapes and
forms that appeared to be shapes of UFO’s, Aliens and sometimes
constellations. These evidence now becomes valuable because we then have
pictures that points out to their existence. Moreover, his neighbor’s were also
able to see them and had felt their presence when Danny Downhour had
invited them to participate in this experience. His friendship with them soon
grew, and they would continuously reveal themselves to him and would let
him know that they see him and that they welcome his friendship. However, it
soon became creepy, when they started appearing inside his home and
outside his front window. I believe that Danny Downhour may have feared
Alien abduction and had soon stopped communicating with them.
So, my point in this story is that, aliens probably do exist! The one’s who
believe it are people who trust and believe in the supernatural forces in the
universe! These people feel, more than they think. That is why anything that
seems impossible is something that they naturally can comprehend. If you are
logical, you might think otherwise. However, whatever it is that you believe in,
the stories about aliens, the pictures that prove their existence and the
interesting points that this story makes, is still a great thing to explore. You
have got to check it out!