Danny Downhour

How did Danny Downhour stumble upon this exciting story?
I was blown away by Danny Downhour ‘s experience! At first I was skeptical
but then when I saw the pictures and the responses of his friends and family,
it made me think otherwise.
The pictures tells us a whole different story! Although fuzzy, the objects were
seen peeping out from the hue of the pictures with some hint of facial
expressions. I had troubles making out what it was because of the colors that
surrounded their faces. At times they looked curious and at times they looked
like they had wanted to play. It seemed to me that they wanted to make
friends with Danny Downhour . Some pictures looked like asteroid and
meteorite explosions and they’re colors are so beautiful!
I envy Danny Downhour for having been able to experience this unique
connection with other beings! Whatever it was that they had wanted out from
revealing their presence to him, it might have been a magical experience too! I
would hope that Danny Downhour will be open to the idea of becoming
friends with them again and possibly opening up to their world. When this
happens, we might witness another revelation of supernatural experiences
shared on his next book. Can’t wait to hear about that!