Danny Downhour

About the Book

About The Book

From the man who remarkably caught photographic evidence of not only an incredible UFO hangout but also a once-in-a-lifetime photo of a dinosaur inside a UFO, comes his riveting account of the when, where, and how it happened.
After chasing his lifelong dream of catching a UFO with his own eyes, Danny Downhour was astounded during a stargazing session when the skies high above Gardena, California, gave him a private glimpse into and access to a world he once only dreamed of discovering. Over the course of a year, Danny Downhour caught mind-blowing photography of what he calls a UFO highway and hangout–to which he had a front-row seat.
And though his story and UFO photos are incredible alone, perhaps one story and photographic account stands above the rest: a jaw-dropping photo of what appears to be a miniature T-Rex dinosaur riding in one of these extraterrestrial vehicles.
Dino in the Sky, Danny Downhour’s first book, is your front-row seat to this otherworldly. photographic account of his yearlong encounter with a universe that many of us will never catch a glimpse of firsthand and will ask you to question everything you know to be true about life on Earth, and beyond.