Danny Downhour

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Danny Downhour

Danny is a Southern California native with an inspiring story that sounds like it’s straight out of a sci-fi novel. Raised in a nurturing family environment, Danny had a conventional life until a staggering discovery catapulted him into the realm of the extraordinary. With his heightened sense of awareness, he unearthed the existence of another civilization—yes, UFOs and all! A modern-day explorer of cosmic proportions, Danny even made contact with the entities piloting these unidentified crafts. He channeled his remarkable experiences into a gripping book, “Dino in the Sky,” which stands as his crowning achievement.

But Danny’s not all about extraterrestrial adventures; he’s a man of many talents! A lover of the arts, Danny enjoys creating artwork and capturing the world through his camera lens. Nature walks and plant cultivation appeal to his green thumb, while his carpentry skills show his love for hands-on projects. Danny’s also a fitness enthusiast who enjoys lifting weights and living a health-conscious lifestyle.

Big things are on the horizon for Danny! Signed by a major publishing house, his book is set to take the world by storm. Watch out for his upcoming movie trailer on TikTok, and keep an eye out for his soon-to-launch newsletter and website. Danny is definitely a name you’ll want to remember!